Do you want to have a long-term, positive influence over the reviews of your employer brand on the Kununu & Glassdoor platforms and know that the management of the employer review platform is in professional hands?

oneoutofhundred knows how, why and when employees and applicants review their employers on these platforms and how this behaviour can be actively controlled and put to positive effect for a company’s employer brand. We take care of the complete operative management of the review platforms and make sure that your company always lives up to the expectations of the recruitment recruitment market.

Controllable improvement of employees’ reviewing behaviour

When do employees review and rate their employer or the completed application process? Reviews are usually written if someone is unhappy with a situation or with their departure from a company. If the review comes at an unfavourable time, employers can suffer a big disadvantage on the Kununu & Glassdoor review platforms.

oneoutofhundred takes active and continuous countermeasures against this negative rating behaviour for employers. We hold review talks throughout the year with your existing workforce and with new employees that follow the Kununu/ Glassdoor rating criteria. We then send your employees this review to reflect on and ask them to rate your company on the corresponding platforms. In this way, oneoutofhundred ensures that your employer ratings on the most important platforms are a fair reflection of the actual situation in your company.

  • Permanent, positive Kununu & Glassdoor effect through employer rating interviews
  • The evaluations of the anonymous telephone employer reviews according to Kununu & Glassdoor criteria are then sent to the employee and company as an email
  • We ask and encourage the employees to publish their review on Kununu / Glassdoor
  • Both the employee and employer profit from this reflection on the real, actual situation within the company 7

Operative management of your presence on the employer review platforms

Social media platforms require a lot of maintenance, especially those such as Kununu & Glassdoor. There should be an immediate response to reviews from current or former employees to prevent any serious loss of image for the employer brand. Particular care has to be taken to ensure that the portals are not seen as one-sided opinion platforms but as an opportunity for a dialog with the reviewers. The speed and individual character of the response are essential and equally important here. Can you and your company permanently and reliably guarantee a live reaction within 24 hours?

You don’t have to – we take care of this 24h service for your company within the scope of our Kununu & Glassdoor Management Solution.

  • Overall operative management of the review platforms
  • Individual live responses to reviews within 24 hours
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