Rejection management service

Do you want to send your applicants more than just a standard rejection mail and thus permanently improve your candidate experience and at the same time spare your recruiters’ resources?

Personal rejection call
We call EVERY SINGLE rejected candidate personally and inform them of their rejection. We break the news to every applicant as gently as possible and make sure that candidates can be contacted again in future for your organisation.

Rejection mail
We take this work off your hands; every applicant receives not only a rejection call but is also sent a written rejection to comply with your rejection duty as a company.

Rejection report
You will be sent a weekly report on all of the rejections.

We require a corporate notebook with a corporate email address and, if necessary, access to your applicant management program so that the solution complies with the GDPR. No personal data whatsoever will be saved by oneoutofhundred.

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