In an age in which almost everyone has 2 personalities (real life personality & virtual life personality), it has become increasingly important for employers to ensure that the virtual personality of potential employees fits the values and culture of a company.

Thanks to our social media background check, you can have this checked before your recruiter and hiring manager invest valuable time in this process. In this way, you can cover your back and spare valuable resources. Corporate cultures and values differ, which is why we tailor our social media background check to your specific corporate culture or offer this in one of our 3 basic cultures.

  • The social media background check screens your applicants in the following networks:
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, vk, XING, Pinterest, StayFriends, meinVZ
  • Time of the background check: after the application, before the first interview/ personal contact
    100% GDPR-compatible
  • The screening is carried out personally by our consultants, it is not an automated procedure
  • The results are analysed in a traffic light system (green, green-amber, amber, amber-red, red)
  • The evaluation procedure is completely neutral and is based on the respective corporate culture
  • The analysis in the traffic light system is based on a 30-credits key
  • Your applicants do not have to be informed of the screening procedure
  • Only publicly accessible information and data will be evaluated

43% of all hiring managers have decided against taking on an applicant based on research on the World Wide Web and social media platforms. (Source: 2017 Career Builder Recruitment Survey)

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