oneoutofhundred Sourcing USPs & Methods

Oneoutofhundred does not work with a pool of candidates. We engage with the candidate market “anew” for every single vacancy we have to fill and acquire potential candidates specifically for your company.

Oneoutofhundred approaches candidates transparently (except in the case of secret search requests). We name our clients during our very first contact with candidates, one reason why we can guarantee an optimum response rate & rate of return for our clients.

Oneoutofhundred has optimised the “mobile” approach. The texts we use to contact potential candidates are structured so that the most important details appear on the smart device at first glance, even before the screen is opened, namely:

  • The name of the company for whom we are looking for candidates
  • Which vacancy is available
  • The location where the vacancy has to be filled

Oneoutofhundred uses the “as short as possible” method for its direct contact approach. This is based on only providing candidates with the most important information in the first step. The aim of this method is to ensure that the content is actually read, noticed and evaluated by the recipient. Following a positive initial response from potential candidates, the contact process then goes into more detail and becomes more individual and personal. Thanks to this method, candidates on the market perceive oneoutofhundred as likeable and reliable, so that we are able to acquire the largest number of top-ranking candidates for further processes during the very fragile initial phase of headhunting processes.

Initial contact We adapt to your corporate culture

Initial contact

Concise headline
Transparent form of address
Compact text
Optimised for mobile devices

The 1st response

The candidate is on the hook

  1. 1st response is an indicator
  2. Sensitive – success or failure depends on our reaction (answer initial questions individually and address the candidate’s needs)
  3. Non chatter = aim for a personal exchange, pool resources
  4. Never lose sight of the objective (personal phone call to convince the candidate and acquire CVs for our client)

Effective Communication

1st call

Informative, not interview


of the job and presentation of your company as an attractive employer


of the candidate’s personality, reasons for their wish to change jobs, benchmarks and corporate culture fit

Answer the candidate´s first questions

The objective of the phone call is to inform candidates, convince them of the vacancy and acquire their CV

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